About Detail

DETAIL Environmental Test Chambers are designed and developed by talented engineers and experts  in order to simulate every condition. 

We have a wide range of standard chambers (with additional options) and a flexible team to develop and produce your custom needs.  

Compliant with the norms of Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Medicine, Food, and Pharmaceuticals.

DETAIL Environmental Test Chambers validate the design and qualifies the process, with accurate test conditions. With its broad product family DETAIL guarantees high precision testing conditions in a flexible way for its client.

Since 2016, We have been developing and designing the Enviromental Test Chambers  for the Reliable and Accurate results with DETAIL’s Advanced Technology. 

DETAIL’s Envorimental Test Technology and Chambers are being used activelly in Turkey, Europen, CIS territories 

DETAIL is subsidiary of OTTONOM Engineering Group A.S.