Walk In Series

Bigger, Better, Faster!

Our standard “walkin” series chambers has 4 different sizes. Compact, medium and large. (8000 / 8700 / 12000 / 16000 litres)

IS series standard reach-in chambers controls the inner temperature of the chamber between -40°  C to 180°  C. Optional -70°  C is also available with the 300 liter or larger chambers. You can choose the temperature change rates starting from 1°  C /min. to 5°  C /min. (If you need higher temperature change rates it is also available with custom solutions). Thanks to our patent pending temperature control system, the distrubition in the chamber does not exceeds +/- 1°  C in most cases. ISN series standard reachin chambers have the same properties of IS series, with additional humidification function. Standard humidification range is between %20RH and %95 RH in 20°  C to 98°  C temperature envelope. We have also an optional solutions for 10% RH to 98% RH interval. (If you need a wider control envelope it can be achieved with our custom solutions.




The testing standarts which is given provided by DETAIL.
Any demand can be done by DETAIL according to the custom or Global Testing Standadrs

ElectrotechnicalIECInternational Electrotechnical CommissionIEC 6068-3-5
ElectrotechnicalIECInternational Electrotechnical CommissionIEC 6068-3-6