Bench Top & Reach In Series

Standard for every condition!

Our standard “bench-top & reach-in” series chambers with a variety of sizes from 110 liters to 3000 liters ensure simultaneous heating/cooling and humidification functions.

IS series standard reach-in chambers control the inner temperature of the chamber between -40° C to 180° C. Optional -70° C is also available with the 300 liter or larger chambers. You can choose the temperature change rates starting from 1° C /min. to 5° C /min. (If you need higher temperature change rates, it is also available with custom solutions). Thanks to our patent pending temperature control system, the distribution in the chamber do not exceed +/-1° C in most cases. ISN series standard reach-in chambers have the same properties as IS series, with additional humidification functions. The standard humidification range is between %20RH and %95 RH in 20° C to 98° C temperature envelope. We also have optional solutions for 10% RH to 98% RH intervals. (If you need a wider control envelope, it can be achieved with our custom solutions.

Detail Bench Top & Reach-In Chamber Series

Technical Specifications


ElectrotechnicalIECInternational Electrotechnical CommissionIEC 6068-3-5
ElectrotechnicalIECInternational Electrotechnical CommissionIEC 6068-3-6